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Small Assisted Living Facilities

Small assisted living facilities are great for a home like atmosphere. When you make that decision to move to a senior care apartment you probably have a lot of questions. Although you know it is the best choice for you or a loved one it may not be easy to leave the home where you have been living for many years. If you can find a small assisted facility you will feel more at home and you can bring some of your own furnishings to keep the memories alive.

Finding the perfect long term care apartment will take a little time and effort. Searching online will be simple and will allow you to narrow down your choices easily using reviews of assisted living facilities. If you know the amenities and services you would like to have in your new home the internet will make your job easier. Think about the things you enjoy in your current home. Then find small assisted living facilities in your area that will make you and your family happy. .

Small Assisted Living Facilities Staff

Once you begin searching for small assisted living facilities you should create a checklist of questions to ask the staff and administration. As you visit the different small living communities you can easily choose the ones that fit most of your needs. The first time you visit an assisted community you will probably be given a tour by the marketing director. Of course this person will show you all of the great features and services available in this particular apartment. Make sure you look beyond the face value of the building. Just because the décor is beautiful and the style is modern that does not mean you will receive appropriate care. Talk with the staff members and see if they are friendly. Do they seem helpful and willing to answer your questions. The great thing about small assisted living facilities is everyone will know everyone else and should be interested in the care you receive.

Other staff members you may choose to speak to are the kitchen workers. If your small assisted living facilities offer a meal service you need to make sure the food is to your liking. If you have special dietary needs is the staff willing to work with your food choices. Check out the units in the building also. Does your apartment have a kitchenette or a place to cook or bake if you choose? If these amenities are important to you ask questions and keep track on your checklist of the best places you have visited.

The housekeeping staff should also be friendly and careful. If you have brought sentimental items from home to display in your new assisted living apartment you do not want these knick knacks broken when the cleaning staff comes through your rooms to dust. Although it is great to not have to worry about these small chores if you feel uncomfortable with the people who work for the living facilities it may cause even more stress.

Probably some of the most important staff members you need to talk to in small assisted living facilities are the activities directors. Once you have moved into an assisted living home you want to remain active and social. Small facilities can offer even better programs because there are fewer people to plan for. Your small community may provide field trips or shopping excursions in addition to the regular exercise and dance classes. You may be able to attend card games or knitting classes and remain busy even though you are becoming more mature.

Affordable Care

An important consideration when looking at small assisted living facilities is the cost. If you have planned ahead and purchased an insurance policy to cover the expenses you have nothing to worry about. Although most people do not think about assisted living facilities until they are no longer able to care for themselves. If this is your situation do not worry. There are many programs and agencies that will help you find small facilities to fit your budget. Comparing the facilities online will save you a lot of time and trouble. Instead of driving around and visiting communities that are too expensive - you will be able to narrow your search and only visit the facilities that fit your budget.

The perfect small assisted living facilities are waiting for you. Even though you may be nervous about moving to an assisted community you will find the friendly staff and great neighbors a lot of fun. You will not have to worry about cleaning and maintaining your home and you can spend your time working on your hobbies or traveling with friends. Go online today and find the best senior apartment for your needs.