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Retirement Homes to Rent

Retirement homes to rent in the United States have become more common as adults post retirement age transition into that particular phase of their lives. If you’re an older adult who enjoys spending your leisure time traveling and not be tied to homeownership, you may want to look into retirement homes to rent. Likewise, if you are transitioning to post retirement homes and you aren’t sure what situation is right for you, this may be a worthwhile option for you to investigate.

Standard retirement homes to rent are not the vacation-type, short term housing for 55+, but rather more long term independent living for seniors. They are generally apartment style or villa/condo type units in a care facility. Care can be limited to on staff nurses and transportation to emergency clinics or hospitals, or care can be a bit more extensive or specific, as in long term care at a Methodist retirement home or in assisted living facilities.

These homes can cater to the needs of those requiring some assistance in performing daily tasks, such as in assisted living. If you or your loved one is of a more independent nature, there are rental facilities that allow for a more autonomous lifestyle. Either way, privacy will be respected and needs will be met without being mutually exclusive.

Amenities to Enjoy

Retirement homes to rent vary in size from a few units, to efficiency-style apartments. There is generally a green space area and common courtyards or patios. Many are situated near shopping and cultural activities and some even have their own campus-like setting giving you plenty to do without ever leaving your area.

Most retirement homes to rent will offer the option of allowing you to prepare your own meal in your personal living space, or partaking of meals in a common dining room. Some of these homes will even allow for meal delivery. The dining rooms are usually appealing for those who live alone as mealtime can be a great time to socialize with friends.

Recreation plays a vital role in the life of today’s senior. Most people like to remain active long beyond retirement and homes to rent are aware of this fact. There are generally many things offered to keep you active-body, mind and soul. Lots of retirement homes to rent will offer classes from healthy cooking, to tai-chi , and exercise. Bridge clubs, book clubs and bible studies are also popular pursuits among the residents. Many retirement facilities to rent offer some kind of pool or health club available.

Off-site recreation is also frequently available. Transportation is provided and planned excursions from the retirement homes to shopping centers, malls, or even cultural events, sporting events, dinner theatres and sightseeing, are frequently offered. The excursions will be at some expense, but are very affordable and well worth the investment.

Benefits of Renting

There can be many different reasons looking into retirement homes to rent would suit your situation. These reasons can be varied and certainly there are unique situations. There are common benefits that you will enjoy and reviewing them as you weigh your options can help in your decision.

Of course one of the primary reasons to rent can be cost. If you don’t think you are able to afford the upkeep-physically and financially- of a home, then maybe paying rent is a plan which will work for you. Perhaps the maintenance fees, or association fees, in your community have become a burden and you find you just don’t see the benefit as much as you used to. Most homes to rent provide for maintenance and fees for most amenities are built into the rental rate.

Another reason retirement homes to rent could be worth a look is the stress of ownership. The burden, as mentioned, physically, involved in the upkeep of a house can be exhausting. Maybe you are ready to let go of that part of your life and begin enjoying your retirement. Taxes and some utilities are no longer a burden when you rent.

The freedom to come and go as you please is a great feeling if you find you like to travel in your retirement. Visiting extended family and friends can be done without worrying about finding someone to look after and care for your house. The stresses of leaving your house unattended will no longer be a problem for you as a renter.

A Perfect Fit For You

Retirement homes to rent may not be for everyone, but it’s wise to consider it among your many options for senior-living. Knowledge, as they say, is power and having your choices presented to you all in one place, with the click of a mouse, can keep you or your loved one “in-the-know”. It’s a wonderful way for you to make an informed decision about your future and rest easy knowing you’ve found the perfect fit for you.