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Retirement Home

A retirement home is a great option for those who want to maintain an independent lifestyle, yet no longer desire the upkeep of a home, or the isolation of living alone. It’s a great way to get to know people with similar interests and hobbies and can help you or your loved one remain dynamic in the golden years. If you are post-retirement age and looking for a place to live, a retirement home can provide this and much more.

Intended for senior citizens a retirement home provides multi-resident housing generally consisting of apartments or suites of rooms for couples or singles. Additionally, most facilities will provide a minimal amount of healthcare or hospice care. While they don’t provide the level of care you‘ll find in a nursing home, these facilities do have on staff medical professionals.

When you begin your search for a retirement home, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by all the options out there.  We can help narrow down your choices all in one place and you'll find it much easier to wade through all the different services these facilities have to offer, such as a Jewish retirement home. We’ve made it easy by putting it all in one place.

Types of Facilities

A retirement home is different from assisted living, nursing homes, or a retirement village or community. Understanding these differences can help you make an educated decision. You’ll need to factor in the level of care necessary for you or your loved one. Do you need assistance with day to day tasks? Are you someone who desires more privacy? Would you prefer to have your meals prepared for you?

Assisted living facilities are just as the name implies, facilities that assist you in the tasks of day to day living. You may require help getting dressed or bathing or performing any number of things throughout your day. If these are your needs, a retirement home doesn’t provide the level of assistance another facility will offer.

Retirement villages and communities differ from retirement homes in that they offer separate cottages and small homes. They aren't quite as affordable, but do offer a higher level of privacy than other facilities.

They are similar to retirement homes in providing you with the autonomy you or your loved one may desire.

Nursing homes provide a higher level of medical attention than other facilities. If you requires the service of full medical supervision or long term care then you may want to consider a nursing home. Meals are provided for you and your personal care is of ultimate importance to the staff.

Budgeting and cost are definite points to be taken into consideration. You won’t want to use up all of the equity or savings you have built over a lifetime. Your choice is a personal one and knowing you have the option to buy, as a condominium, or rent, as an apartment should allow you some financial freedom when making the decision.

There are many different facilities, but a retirement home is a wonderful choice for those who desires to maintain their independent lifestyle. Making your own choices while still having the security of communal living is just some of what these homes have to offer you. There are many other services available.

Services Available

Many services and amenities are available to you in a retirement residence. Of course meals are usually provided, if you like, in a community dining room. This is a good way to get to know your neighbors as well as enjoy a good meal.

Exercise and recreation are essential in maintaining good physical and emotional health. You’ll be provided with every opportunity to enjoy daily exercise. Most facilities will also offer off site excursions and transportation is provided.

Social activities are another terrific way to make friends and get to know others with similar interests. There are plenty of opportunities for social interaction at a retirement home and these fun activities are encouraged. Your participation isn’t required as a rule, but you’ll probably want to get involved and kick up your heels from time to time.

Religious services are generally available for you to attend. Some facilities are actually faith-centered and these are wonderful options for you if you or your loved one has been active in a faith community. The adjustment will be much easier as you transition from living alone to living with individuals and couples who have similar interests and common beliefs.

Making an Educated Choice

The decision to move from your current home to a retirement home is not a decision to be made in haste. This is going to be home for you or your loved one and you’ll need to make a thorough investigation before deciding. Though it may seem a daunting task, your search for a retirement home will be less tedious with the simple click of a mouse.