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Retire at Home Services

Retire at home services help you lead an independent life in the secure, comfortable environment that holds your memories instead of one created by a retirement home developer. Moving into an assisted living facility isn't your only option when you're looking for help with personal care, errands, housekeeping or medical supervision. Retire at home companies provide these services, some of which may be covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private health insurance.

In your senior years, it's important to stay in touch with the family, friends and social groups that make up your support network. When you continue to live independently in your own house, you won't have to move away from your social contacts. You'll also be closer to the grocery stores, pharmacies and medical facilities that you use regularly. With the help of retire at home services, you can continue to live in the atmosphere where you're most comfortable, while benefiting from the personal attention and medical care of trained professionals.

Personal Care Services

Many seniors move into assisted living after they retire in order to have help with housekeeping, cooking, shopping, laundry and other chores that may become troublesome. You may be managing just fine on your own until you have a fall or come down with an unexpected illness. Retire at home services are staffed by caregivers who can come to your home to take care of many of your routine tasks, so that you can make a safe recovery.

The personalized services you receive can be customized to fit your needs. You may require only help with shopping at distant stores or light housekeeping. If you've been injured, you may need help with bathing or grooming while you recover. Personal caregivers can also assist you with medication reminders, catheter care and skin care.

Housekeeping services are designed to keep your home safe as well as sanitary. After you retire, tasks like sweeping walkways and porches or shoveling snow can become challenging. Vacuuming, mopping, dusting and cleaning bathroom fixtures and appliances may be difficult, especially if you're recovering from an illness or injury. The staff from retire at home services keep the exterior and interior of your house clean, neat and secure.

Companionship is another one of the services provided by retire at home companies. If a long illness has isolated you from your friends or family, the company of a caring companion can be a lifesaver. Companions can spend time chatting, reading out loud, helping you with household tasks, taking you out on excursions or just sitting with you during their visits. Companions also check on your status to make sure you're safe and secure in your house.

Medical Services

Retire at home services are staffed by nurses who provide medical supervision in your house under a physician's orders. Nurses can monitor your vital signs, perform routine assessments and help you manage your medications. In addition, a nurse can change dressings, monitor wounds, change catheters and perform foot care. Some retire at home services also provide palliative care for clients who have a terminal illness.

The clinical staff is supervised by a physician who issues orders for medications, treatments, diagnostic tests or hospital admissions if necessary. If you need to transfer to a skilled nursing facility during rehabilitation, the staff from retire at home services can visit you on site. This feature gives you the security of having continuity of treatment and the comfort of seeing familiar faces while you're in unfamiliar surroundings.

Retire at Home Advantages

Staying in your own residence as you grow older offers many advantages to seniors. Many older adults feel safer and less isolated in a familiar environment, where they're close to friends and loved ones. Seniors often feel emotionally connected to the house where they raised a family and enjoyed many happy events, and moving to a new facility can be deeply unsettling. In addition, retirees who have paid off their mortgage may have minimal property expenses, while seniors in assisted living facilities can pay high rates for housing.

When you're comparing retire at home services to assisted living facilities, consider your medical and social needs as well as the costs of housing, household maintenance and food. Although you may save money on the cost of housing by remaining in your own residence, you won't have the 24 hour supervision or amenities that many assisted living centers provide. Many assisted living facilities offer their residents a host of social opportunities and culturally enriching experiences.

Retirement should be a time to enjoy a flexible, fulfilling life at your maximum level of health. Whether you choose to move into senior housing or utilize retire at home services, the choice should make you and your loved ones feel comfortable, safe and secure. Take the time to tour several facilities and interview multiple retire at home providers before you make this important decision.