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What to Bring to Your New Assisted Living Facility

Making the move to an assisted living facility is likely a change that you have considered for some time. This is often a change that many seniors want to make but is one that can take some time. The transition can take some time because it will involve many decisions such as comparing the assisted living facilities that are available, learning more about their amenities and also making other decisions. However, after a final selection is made, you will likely be eager to make the transition to the facility so that you can begin to enjoy the benefits of living there.

During the moving process, one of the most important decisions that will be made is determining what you will be bringing with you. While it is important to bring along the possessions that will help the facility to feel like home sooner, it is also important to not overload your new apartment with unnecessary belongings. As such, this process will involve sorting through the things that you own to determine what you would like to bring and what you can easily part with to downsize your living style. Here are some tips for completing this important process.

Personal Mementos

Perhaps the most important items that you will bring along to the assisted living facility apart from your clothing are your most cherished personal mementos. For most people, these items are family photos, heirlooms and other possessions that have been accumulated during their lifetimes. It is these things that will help the assisted facility to feel more like home sooner so be sure to make the selections regarding what to bring with care. You will then be able to decorate the apartment with the mementos such as pictures and other items that are immensely important for you.

However, mementos certainly aren't going to be the only items that you will want to bring along. Rather, other things will also typically be required but can depend on the specifics of the assisted facility that you will be moving into. For example, it can be important to assess whether the place that you will be living provides the amount of furniture that you require as well as the other items that you will require to live in comfort. This is important to assess since it will help you to plan more properly regarding what will be brought along and what will be left behind.

Downsizing Your Belongings

The time when you are moving from an individual home to an assisted living facility is the ideal opportunity to downsize your life. Rather than renting a storage facility and placing some of your belongings into storage, think closely about which items you may be willing to send to local charities. This can greatly simplify your life and can set you up for leading a stress free lifestyle after you have moved into the assisted facility. Some of the items that you may be able to get rid of include certain furniture items, decorations and clothing that you no longer care to wear.

The more properly you plan for the move as it is occurring, the more easily you will be able to settle in with the proper amount of belongings at the assisted facility that you move into. This will then allow you to be happier with the change in living circumstances and will also prepare you for enjoying the new living space more fully. Again, the location that you are moving to can mainly guide what to bring to your new assisted living facility when you are moving.