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Mobile Home Retirement

Mobile home retirement is yet another option for those who are checking out of the workplace, and into their new stage of life: retirement. Rather than keep up with a large home, or even a condominium, a mobile home retirement allows you to enjoy a much simpler home life for a far lower cost of living.

It is possible for you to even move in prior to retiring. Typically you will be able to find mobile home retirement communities that are actually senior mobile home communities. The minimum age may be 55 and over to live in these communities.

Advantages of Senior Living

The advantages to living in a mobile home community in the 55 and up age group is that you can enjoy peace and retirement home rest. And, generally, these mobile home retirement communities are well maintained also. You may find that mobile house lots and mobile home units are available in some choice locations.

You may even consider keeping your house, condominium, townhouse, or apartment, and adding the mobile aspect as a special retirement retreat. This works well for those who enjoy their regular life, in their community. When it gets cold, though, they -- like a bird in a flock -- head down South for the winter months. This allows them to enjoy their grand kids, the holidays, and time even with their own kids.

If Florida and other Southern warm spots are far out of the way, try other regions of the country. You may instead prefer the California desert, or hot spots in Arizona. It may be worth it for you and your spouse to travel around to different regions before you decide upon your mobile retirement community and your preferred location.

Good Prices

Part of the reason that mobile home retirement communities are so popular is because they are relatively low cost. They offer a great deal of amenities for a relatively low cost in some great areas. The retirement community that surrounds you may appeal because you will be among other seniors who are embarking on a journey of joy as well.

Beyond buying the land, you may also buy or rent the mobile home retirement unit. This allows you to decide whether you want to permanently root yourself at a location or not. You may find that even after one year, you may not feel that you are a fit for the retirement community around you. Or, you may find that Arizona suits you far better than the California or Florida even.

Rent or Buy

Consider renting before you buy your mobile home retirement unit. This will allow you to try out the place first. You can then assess whether you like the location, the people, the management of the property, and even the area surrounding the community. It may be that you decide to instead plant yourself in a new location once a year, and instead would rather rent year after year.

Some of the advantages of such a community include that you can instead enjoy the advantages of renting and buying. For instance, you may buy the mobile home retirement land or the unit on the land. You may buy both. Once you have settled down some, and settled on your favorite location, you may realize that you want to replace the unit. It is a great feeling when you have arrived where you feel you most belong.

You can realize gains on the old one buy selling it off. Then you can replace it with a new one. The great part is that you can put the money from the old unit toward a new one. And, once you have bought the land beneath the unit, then you will feel even more like a member of the community. It will allow you to have some voice as well in how the community goes.

Enjoying the Weather

You may find that purchasing such a great deal will free up money for other activities. If you have always wanted a boat, and will be living near water, you may be able to afford to purchase a boat. Leisure time activities can now take precedence in your life. You may even find that hobbies such as fishing, boating, and even swimming are now within reach for you. They can be readily available whereas before you may have lived in a condominium with a pool. Though, maybe you never had time to actually enjoy the pool for which you were paying.

Mobile home retirement is a great opportunity to enjoy all that a relaxing atmosphere has to offer. Enjoy it as a place to vacation a good portion of the year. You may also find that you actually want to relocate permanently to your new location.