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Mobile Home Retirement Communities

Mobile home retirement communities are an attractive option for active adults who want to live independently in affordable, low maintenance housing. Contemporary mobile homes offer all of the comforts and amenities of a conventional site-built house, without the necessary expenses or upkeep. Many seniors find that they feel more active, more secure and less isolated when they live in a community that encourages them to socialize with their contemporaries.

In addition to the comfort and convenience of up-to-date manufactured housing, mobile home retirement communities offer increased security for elderly adults and an atmosphere that's more conducive to their lifestyle. Many retired communities are gated, with alarm systems and lighting that discourage home invasion. Age restrictions in these retirement communities -- the minimum limit may range from 55 to 65, depending on the community -- ensure a quiet, relaxed atmosphere for retired residents.

Affordable Homes for Retirees

Senior citizens have a wide range of choices when it comes to affordable housing for older adults. Many seniors like the idea of living in communities that are tailored to their needs and lifestyle, while offering the autonomy and independence they've always enjoyed. In mobile home retirement communities, seniors have access to homes that allow them to maintain their independence while benefiting from low cost housing.

Mobile home retirement communities offer a variety of living arrangements. In some retirement communities, residents purchase a lot and situate their own mobile home on the property. In other situations, retirees may purchase both the lot and the mobile home. Seniors who prefer a more flexible arrangement with less financial commitment can lease both the lot and the mobile home rather than buying a property.

Residents who do purchase their land may enjoy the benefits of having financial investment that adds to their financial security. If a resident decides to transfer to a long term care facility or a skilled nursing home as they grow older, the mobile home and lot may be sold to help pay for the costs of 24 hour care. With the population of adults over the age of 55 growing, the demand for properties in mobile home retirement communities may increase in the years to come.

Activities and Amenities

Most mobile home retirement communities encourage a more autonomous lifestyle than residential retirement facilities. While manufactured housing communities may not offer some of the more organized social activities and personal care services of an assisted living facility, they do provide the opportunity for adults in the same age group to meet, socialize and have parties or celebrations in a clubhouse or central recreation area.

Some mobile home retirement communities may offer more structured events, such as barbecues, ice cream socials or holiday gatherings. A manufactured housing retirement community may feature a swimming pool or fitness center to help residents stay fit and healthy. Many of the homes in these communities serve as second retirement homes, especially if they are located in desirable seasonal locations, like Florida or Arizona. A community may be located near a golf course, tennis court, boating facilities or scenic parks.

Mobile homes are easy to clean, and the lots in mobile home retirement communities are small and easy to maintain. Within the community's guidelines, residents have the option to plant gardens or flowerbeds or install statuary to give their surroundings a personal touch. The community often has an on-site laundry facility, and some parks may offer limited personal assistance with laundry and light housekeeping.

Features to Look For

If you're considering a modular house retirement community for yourself or a loved one, look for a park in a location that's close to medical facilities, a pharmacy and shopping centers. Because transportation is generally not provided by these parks, the site should ideally be located within easy walking distance of public transportation if you don't have your own vehicle. The grounds should be attractive and well maintained, and the laundry, pool, fitness center or other facilities should be easy to access.

The security of the property is an important consideration for retirees. Gated locations are preferable, with adequate lighting on the grounds and easy access to emergency services. Staff should be accessible for household maintenance emergencies 24 hours a day, even if there isn't a staff member on the grounds around the clock.

Mobile home retirement communities provide the opportunity for seniors to live independently and enjoy abundant recreational opportunities. Before purchasing or leasing a modular dwelling, review the terms of the purchase or lease carefully. In addition to the costs of your property, you may incur homeowners association fees, maintenance fees or charges for trash disposal, water and other utilities. To make the most of this opportunity, visit a number of sites to find an affordable, secure, attractive living situation for your senior years.