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Lutheran Retirement Homes

Lutheran retirement homes offer a warm, caring environment for elderly adults from all walks of life. When you enter a Lutheran retirement facility, you receive supportive care in the tradition of this Christian denomination. Although you may have the opportunity to worship with others, you are under no obligation to participate in religious services. The ministry welcomes people of all faiths to join its assisted living communities.

Lutheran retirement homes aim to provide a comfortable atmosphere and comprehensive care for elderly individuals who require a higher level of assistance than independent living can provide. If you are considering making the transition from your own home to an assisted living facility, consider the amenities and opportunities that Lutheran retirement homes have to offer. The resources at your website can help you make an informed decision about this important aspect of your retirement planning.

Retirement in the Lutheran Tradition

Part of the Lutheran ministry is to help senior citizens achieve a comfortable, secure way of life in an atmosphere that meets their social, economic and medical needs. Lutheran retirement homes have been in operation since the late 1800s, providing compassionate nursing care and affordable living conditions for elderly adults who were no longer able to live at home. Today's Lutheran retirement homes continue this tradition, providing residential care for seniors from all denominations.

Choosing an assisted living facility or available nursing home is never an easy decision. One of the first steps is determining the level of care that you need. If you're active and independent but you need assistance with your activities of daily living, such as housekeeping and personal care, an assisted living community may meet your needs. If you require rehabilitative services and closer medical supervision, a nursing home or rehabilitation center may be your best option.

Lutheran retirement homes provide a wide range of services for seniors with different health care needs, from assisted living to rehab and recovery. Twenty-four hour nursing care is available in some homes for those who need medication services, wound care, dietary planning and a higher level of assistance with bathing and dressing. Hospice and palliative care can be provided for residents who are reaching the end of their lives.

Social and Health Care Needs

Your decision about retirement homes is a complex one, based not only on your health condition and activity level, but on your social and cultural needs. Retirement homes can offer a rich social environment for adults who have been living alone since the death of a spouse or the departure of grown children. In addition to having the opportunity to dine with others and enjoy daily physical exercise or educational courses, retirees have the opportunity to engage in socials, dances and other organized activities in the Lutheran tradition.

Additional social activities may include shopping trips or recreational tours. Transportation to doctor appointments and pharmacies can be scheduled to take care of medical needs off site. Nursing care may include medication administration and physical assessments in a rehabilitative setting. Physical, occupational and speech therapy are incorporated into a rehabilitation facility. Skilled nursing care is one of the hallmarks of the Lutheran ministry, as expressed in the successful outcomes achieved in Lutheran nursing homes.

Light nursing services are provided in Lutheran retirement homes that focus on independent long term care. These facilities specialize in meeting the needs of adults who have moved from their homes to enjoy the social and recreational opportunities that assisted living provides. Whatever your social or health-related requirements may be, Lutheran retirement homes offer an atmosphere that promotes your emotional and physical health.

Financial Assistance for Housing

Many elderly adults have financial concerns after they retire, especially if they've had a decline in health. It may be hard to meet the costs of food and housing when you're living on a fixed income. If you require medical care, physical therapy or costly medications, Medicare may not pay for all of your needs.

The cost of assisted living communities may be discouraging to elderly adults who live on a modest income. Medicare coverage is available for many rehabilitative services, and state government assistance covers residential care in nursing homes for seniors who don't have private resources. Your long term care insurance can give you more flexibility in making choices about your living situation in retirement.

Lutheran retirement homes center this aspect of their ministry around providing affordable residential services for the elderly, no matter what their financial status may be. The church's mission is to offer comfortable, secure housing for elderly adults whose social, cultural and physical requirements can be met through compassionate care and multiple levels of assistance. Use the resources on our site to explore the possibilities that these well appointed, well staffed facilities provide.