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Jewish Retirement Homes

Jewish retirement homes are a wonderful option for the senior who needs the security of a retirement home yet wants to stay linked to family and friends. A positive environment that keeps you or your loved one connected to the familiar and in touch with traditions and the Jewish community is a healthy way to transition into assisted living. The care and attention provided by those who understand the Jewish lifestyle will ease the adjustment to new surroundings.

When looking at retirement homes as options for older adult living, you will certainly make care options a priority. You’ll also want to find an living space that offers relaxed and comfortable surroundings. As an active person,you'll be mindful of the recreation provided by long term retirement homes. Cost consciousness will also come into play as you look for affordable Jewish homes. Being among friends and care providers who understand your needs as a Jewish person is a great plan.

Jewish retirement homes offer the best of all options. They provide a beautiful homes in a private setting, allowing you to relax and enjoy your golden years. There will be professional caregivers available for any medical needs that might arise. You can participate in planned activities or enjoy your free time as you wish. And all of this can be done in a religious and cultural environment that makes you feel at home.

Making the Transition

There are probably many reasons why you find yourself looking at Jewish retirement homes. Maybe you or your loved one can no longer live alone, or want to live among people with whom you have more in common. Perhaps you find the upkeep of a home too physically taxing, you want to downsize to something a bit more suitable, or even are considering a retirement home job position. Whatever your reason, seeking your new residence in one of our Jewish retirement homes is the perfect solution.

Whether you need assisted living, limited medical care, or just want the friendly atmosphere of being around folks who share common interests, Jewish retirement homes will fit the bill. If you are looking for religious services and wish to observe certain dietary laws, the homes offered here will accommodate you. If you want to enjoy the cultural traditions you’ve come to rely on as a part of your everyday life, our retirement facilities will oblige.

The caregivers and personnel who tend the needs of the residents of our Jewish retirement homes are caring and compassionate people. They will respect the needs and requirements of you or your loved one. They will assist you if you need assistance, or, if you are able, leave you to your independence.

What to Look For

You’ll need to have a clear idea what you or your loved one will require while looking at retirement homes . If there are medical needs involved, speak to your physician so you will be able to address these concerns. Most facilities will provide limited medical attention. While they generally have a doctor on call, they do not usually provide the same type of long term care available in a nursing home.

You will also need to address your religious requirements. Some Jewish retirement homes tend to the needs of those who are more conservative, while others are more liberal or progressive. You will want to make absolutely sure that your religious needs are met.

Also, keep in mind your need to attend religious services. Are there any Jewish services offered on site, or will you have to travel? If you aren’t very mobile, or just don’t feel like leaving your home some days, you’ll want to make sure your religious needs are met.

If you tend to be more social and outgoing and yet want to maintain your independence, you will want to pay special attention to the activities and recreation offered within the community. Do they have off campus excursions? Is the dining room open to accommodate your dining habits? Do they offer classes or social events that allow you to mingle and get to know your neighbors?

These are just a few examples of some points you will want to consider. You may have a more unique set of requirements that need addressed. Make a list as you continue to investigate your options to help you narrow down your search.

The Right Decision for You

Jewish retirement homes are the best way for you to relocate yourself or your loved one to a retirement home that is able to meet all of your needs. You will be able to live among people with common interests and familiar traditions and have the security of a Jewish care facility at the same time. Your home will be maintained, your social life enriched and your meals prepared for you. Jewish retirement homes are truly the best of all possibilities!