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Assisted Living Facilities Costs

Assisted living facilities costs do not have to be intimidating. Maybe you have planned ahead and purchased a long term care insurance policy that will take care of these expenses. If not you can still work with your budget and income to make sure you can find affordable care. There are many different choices when looking for assisted living facilities and beginning your search online is a good idea. You can compare information and amenities before you begin to visit the communities in your local area. Educate yourself about the questions to ask and the documents and inspections that should be reviewed before you decide on the perfect senior home.

Apartment Styles and Costs

Rates for an assisted living facilities association will vary depending on the size and type of apartment you are looking for. You may choose a studio, one, or two bedroom unit depending on your living needs and the budget you have for assisted living facilities costs. If you are planning to live alone - you may only need a studio or one bedroom apartment. If you are moving to assisted living facilities with a spouse or companion you may choose a larger unit. Of course with the larger unit comes the larger price tag. Depending on the area you are looking for - the costs will either be more or less.

Other features that will affect the assisted living facilities costs are amenities and services offered within the community. Most senior care facilities offer two to three meals in a common dining room. The facility should also offer snacks between meals and a nice sitting room to enjoy them. If you despise housework and that is one of the reasons you are moving to assisted living - you are in luck. Most communities offer housekeeping services which will free up your time to do more enjoyable activities. Of course there may be additional costs associated with these amenities.

Services that may be offered in your senior facilities could also include a barber or beautician on site. You should have access to transportation to and from medical appointments or shopping. If you are an active person and you like to socialize with friends and family look for a community that provides these opportunities. Many facilities also offer exercise and dance classes or crafting and card games. All of these extra services will be included in the costs you pay on a monthly basis. Assisted living facilities costs will vary greatly. You need to compare all of the different options and communities in your area to make sure you find a great rate and the perfect place for you or a loved one.

Paying for Assisted Living

Making the decision to move into a senior living facility is just the first step. Next you need to figure out how you are going to pay for this new way of life. If you thought that Medicare would pay for this type of housing - you may be surprised to know that it does not. Medicare will sometimes pay for nursing home care if there is a medical need, but it will not help you with the assisted living facilities costs.

If you currently receive Medicaid, or if you qualify for this type of coverage it may pay for your assisted living facilities costs. Most senior care communities are regulated by the state or federal government and you will need to check out the locations that appeal to you. The director should be able to give you specific information about the policies and if the location accepts Medicaid as payment.

There are other types of assistance available and there may be a local agency that can help you locate these facilities. Sometimes there are special arrangements for veterans or other organizations that will help with assisted living facilities costs. Begin looking online and you should be able to find the information you need.

If you will be paying for assisted housing out of your own income you may want to think about using your home as an option. Usually a house is our biggest asset and you may choose to sell the home, rent the home or find information about a reverse mortgage. Any of these options will give you some extra income to help with assisted living facilities costs. Once you have found the place at the top of your list, create a budget and make sure you will be able to cover all of the costs associated with settling in the community.

Assisted living facilities costs do not have to be overwhelming. There are so many options and services available that you can find the perfect fit for your needs with the perfect costs. Don't look at moving into senior housing as a negative. Think about the new people you will meet and the fun you will have.