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Armed Forces Retirement Homes

Armed Forces retirement homes can be a great option for those Veterans who need limited care yet want to maintain an independent lifestyle. They are generally close in proximity to VA hospitals and, often, near military bases. Residents are amid familiar routines and neighbors who share in the appreciation for the Military lifestyle.

There are several types of Armed Forces retirement homes available to those who have served in the United States Military. Most are of no cost or very affordable to veterans, though some will ask for a stipend or income based payment. If you are facing financial hardship you will generally be given priority status, likewise, if your condition is service-related, but otherwise, there may be a waiting list.

Armed Forces retirement homes will offer limited medical supervision. They are geared more toward independent and ambulatory residents who wish to maintain a sense of privacy. To that end, they usually consist of apartment style housing as opposed to long term care type of facilities.

Determining Your Needs as Retired Military

Some veterans and their loved ones require a bit more hands-on care than what is available at some rented retirement homes. Assisted Living Facilities will provide help with such daily tasks as getting dressed, bathing, meals, and many other tasks which can be difficult if you are physically challenged. Assisted Living Facilities offer more comprehensive care than retirement homes, however not as extensive as the care available in a Nursing Home.

Nursing Homes offer round-the-clock care and are generally utilized by those who require the attention of a full care facility. Military Nursing Homes are available for you or a loved one if you are in need of hospice care or memory care as well. A doctor will generally determine if this is your need.

If you are used to a more independent lifestyle then Armed Forces retirement homes are worth investigating. Perhaps you are presently living on your own and find the upkeep of a home an inconvenient challenge these days. Maybe you are alone and would enjoy the communal living an Armed Forces retirement community would offer. Whatever your reasons for wanting to make the transition to this type of retirement living, if you are a veteran of the U.S. armed forces, one of the many Armed Forces retirement homes may be for you.

Amenities of Armed Forces Retirement Homes

Military Retirement communities have much the same to offer as standard civilian facilities. Amenities can be basic or enhanced, depending on the home you choose. You can be as busy as you like in many of these communities as they offer many exciting and fun extra-curricular activities.

The basic amenities available to you are those which are standard among retirement homes. You’ll find things like communal dining rooms, planned outings, church services, physical activities and arts and crafts. These amenities allow you to remain socially and mentally involved with your fellow seniors. Healthy pursuits indeed.

Many other amenities can be offered depending on the community itself. Transportation to and from civic and cultural events, fitness facilities, classes to enhance health and inform you, and even entertainment, can all be made available to you in many of the post retirement living facilities out there.

Armed Forces retirement homes will offer additional advantages not available in homes for civilian seniors. These homes are often located near a military establishment and retired residents can take advantage of the base offered benefits. Things such as the base exchange, the commissary, and on-base amenities are an advantage to the Armed Forces retirement homes. There is also the advantage of being close to military hospitals and medical care from the VA.

Depending on your branch of the armed forces, there are many communities which offer residents ongoing support and involvement in armed forces related organizations. Continuing to be involved in the community is key in keeping active, alert and healthy long into your golden years. Sharing ideas and experiences with those with whom you have the common bond of a career in the armed forces is encouraging and essential in developing relationships and a sense of fellowship.

The Armed Forces Advantage

Weighing your options is a necessary task when choosing a new place to live. Knowledge is key and knowing what will suit your needs is essential. Consider your lifestyle.

By far, the biggest perk for those considering Armed Forces retirement homes among options for senior living, is the ability to live beside those with whom you share the experience of the military lifestyle. You’ll pursue activities and enjoy relationships with those who understand a similar life experience. Your neighbors and fellow residents appreciate a sense of patriotism as you begin your day flying the American flag and saying the Pledge of Allegiance and celebrating National Holidays with a sense of military pride.