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About Us

Assistedlivingfacilities.net is an impartial source of online information on the industry in general and on specific facilities in your locality. We provide expert information on assisted living facilities to help families make the right decision when it comes time to consider extended daily care arrangements for their loved ones.

This is certainly not an easy choice to make, and we understand just how many factors are involved. The goal of this website is to provide as much general information as possible to help consumers research the matter and come out with a clear understanding. Assisted living facilities combine a concern for resident independence with a focus on providing needed help with daily living activities. From laundry and housekeeping services to meals and medical care, these facilities provide self contained living experience for residents while promoting their health and wellness.

Assistedlivingfacilities.net recognizes that not every facility is the same. We strive to educate consumers on all the different factors they need to be looking at when selecting a facility for a family member. We provide ready access to pertinent information and raise questions they can address when visiting different places they might be considering. As a source of information, we're impartial and objective, with the goal of helping families make the right choice and having the peace of mind that comes with knowing their loved one will be well taken care of.

This site provides access to assisted living facilities in every geographic location, making it easy to get the process started searching for the right place to send your loved one. Feel free to use this site as a ready source of great information and a jumping off point on your search. Families getting ready to make this decision for a loved one need all the help they can get.  Feel free to contact us if you should have any more questions about finding an assisted living home.